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Coaches Cup

The 2013 game will be held in March 2013.

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2011 Results

The annual matchup between NYHA coaches, better known as the "Coaches Cup," was held March 25 at 7 p.m. at the Novi Ice Arena.  This year it looked like the game was headed to a tie.  The tie was broke in overtime and the yellow team walked away victorious.

2012 Results

The 2012 game was held Saturday March 17 at 5:pm at the Novi Ice Arena.  The 2012 game raised money for team Salah.  The game also featured a raffle and silent auction.  The Black team won 6 to 3, with 3 goals scored in the third period.


No Tie This Year

There was no tie in this year's game.  The Black team won a hard fought, high socring game 11 to 7 over the Yellow team.

The Black team consited of: Don Rankin, Eric Strom, Joe Hamway, Jeff Wollschlager, Steve Petruno, Rob Massard, Harry Youmans, Mark Kubitskey, Jim Nesich, Bob Jackson, Mike Carson, Paul VanAntwerp, Gary Smith, Randy Walla, Reed VanTiem, Ron Batshon, Jason Dupius, and Chris Jones

The Yellow team consisted of: Mario Berman, Mark Berke, Pat Coutts, Brian Zahra, Brian Beaufait, Carlo Leone, Matt Mayes, Scott Lanham, Joe Vig, Kyle Petty, Jeff Budd, Dan Cooney, Wade Stevenson, Todd Lewinski, Michael Owen, Tom Dempsey, Russell Duff, and Bill Triolet

See the score sheet below for who did all the damage.


Coaches Play To 7-7 Tie

It wasn't a battle for the Stanley Cup but there was plenty of fun in the matchup for the NYHA Coaches Cup.

The Black team and the White team skated to a 7-7 tie in the 2009 edition of the annual game which matches NYHA coaches at Novi Ice Arena.

The White team consisted of Don Rankin, Rob Massard, Joe Hamway, Mark Kubitskey, Dan Michaels, Tom Hollman, Scott Novell, Randy Walla, Larry Williams, Mike Werth, Wade Stevenson, Dan McColl, Tom Malarkey, Todd Petty, Todd Martin, Richard Franks and Ed Poburs.

The Black team was comprised of Doug Pakkala, Kevin Galin, Joe Vig, Jim Zabinski, Mark Berke, Paul VanAntwerp, Pat Coutts, Joe Johnson, Dan Cooney, David Windler, Brian Beaufait, Bill Vertes, Keith Suggs, Chuck Conley, Steve Brown, Jim Nesich and David Berman.