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Goalie Education Information

  Every year the NYHA like many associations is goalie ‘challenged’.  In our Mini-Mite and Mite remember that in these programs no one member may play more than 50% of the games unless they have Governor approval.  

   Not all of our teams are lucky enough to have assistants with goalie experience.  USA Hockey has material on their site which you are encouraged to view and use.  You might want to consider having one of your assistants focus on working with the goalies.  Don’t treat the goalies as a fixture to keep the puck from going in while your skaters are shooting.  Develop a routine that the goalies need to follow when going on the ice as part of the regular warm-up.  Here is the link to the USA site.   USA Hockey Goalie Page   Teams that spend time working and nurturing their goalies are the ones that tend to have more successful seasons.  I know that we challenge you with many tasks, but please take to heart and develop our goalie talent.  We know from calling around, that many associations around us do not even have as many goalies as we are lucky to have.  We need to continue to grow our own and you are the leaders who can do that and will benefit from the teaching done as you move forward in the upcoming years.

   If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions on how to improve our goalies in general, please contact our Education Director.

Future Pro Live

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