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Half Ice Boards

All teams are eligible to use the mini boards.  They must be put up and taken down in the ice time allotted to you.  When you arrive at the rink, please notify the front desk of your intent so that the rink can get the boards ready.  You will need two people in skates to assist in the putting up and taking down of the mini boards.  The zamboni operator will wheel the cart out for board unloading and loading.  

Special note to Cross/Half Ice Coaches-
If you have a game scheduled, when you arrive at the arena, check the monitors and if you are the Home team for the first cross/half ice game of the day, then you are responsible for putting the boards up.  If you are the Home team for the last cross/half ice game of the day, then you must take them down.  On some weeks, you will be so lucky as to meet both criteria and you get to put them up AND take them down.  Depending on whom you follow on the ice, if possible, let the rink operators know ahead of time if you'd like to skip a resurface which results in additional curfew time. 
Both teams should have their "A" players enter and exit the rink from the door on the West side, and the "B" players should use the East door (nearest the zamboni).  Be sure to tell the visiting team's coach about this prior to game time if you're playing a non-NYHA team. 
As soon as the game is over, all coaches that are on the ice in skates should start taking the boards down while the kids are shaking hands.  Have the A side shake hands with each other and then exit, and likewise for the B side.  The zamboni operator should wheel the cart out onto the ice to help with the loading.