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Dryland Facility

In the 2011/2012 Season Association Survey, members found that a Novi Ice Arena dryland facility to be extremely important, important, somewhat important (should be done once a month): 86%.

The survey conducted after the 2012 pilot program, showed 75% of coaches would use the facility again.

- The Ice Arena will charge all NYHA teams $40 per session (please reserve 24-48 hours in advance).



8lb medicine ball

10lb medicine ball

4 jump ropes

Bosu ball

6 low level hurdles

Four 5lb dumbbells

Two 15lb dumbbells

12” box jump

18” box jump

resistance bands

Fitness by Cathe The Cardio Club Step

Altus 3lb fitness hoop

Fitness Gear 6lb medicine ball

Fitness Gear 15lb Kettleball

Fitness Gear 20lb Kettleball

Aeromat 65vm burst-resistant ball

SKLZ Quick Ladder

SKLZ Speed Hurdles (5 pack)

Body Solid 24lb padded weight bar

2 fitness matts

2 PCV balance tubes

Carrie Keil

USA Hockey NTDP Power Skating Insturctor

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PVC Work, Single Leg Work, Heidens, Stride Board

Strength And Conditioning Resources


Advances in Functional Training by Boyle


Brawn by McRobert


Athletic Body in Balance by Cook