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 The only people allowed on the ice during practice are those players rostered to the team and coaches.  Having others on the ice invalidates the USA Hockey insurance and puts the head coach at risk for disciplinary action.  ‘Students’ are allowed on the ice that have completed the ‘Student Coaching Clinic’ conducted by MAHA D4.

All coaches on the ice are required to wear a helmet.  Guest ‘instructors’ on the ice with teams must wear helmets.  If your team has some one come to your practice to work with your team and they are on the ice, they must have a helmet.   This includes coaches, specialty coaches, guest instructors, trainers, helpers, etc.   Unfortunately, failure to follow this policy puts the head coach at risk for disciplinary action.  Rink personal will ask those not following this policy to leave the ice.  Both of these are USA Hockey rules and are not negotiable.

It is the policy of the Novi Youth Hockey Association that every player and goalie, in every division, is required to wear a neck guard (or a throat/neck shield for goalies) and a mouth guard during all practices and all games, whether at the Novi Ice Arena, or any other arena/rink.  Neck guards and mouth guards are to be worn properly during all ice time.  Mouth guards dangling out of the player’s helmet are not acceptable.  Safety for the players and goalies is of the utmost importance.  It is the responsibility of each coach to insure that his/her players have the required equipment prior to all practices and games.  It is the responsibility of each player’s parents/guardians to insure that the required equipment is used correctly during all ice time.  

USA Hockey Locker Room Policy


USA Hockey is concerned with locker room activities between minor players; minor players and adult players; adults being alone with individual minor players in locker rooms; and with nonofficial or non-related adults having unsupervised access to minor participants at sanctioned team events.

It is the policy of USA Hockey and USA Hockey InLine that all Affiliates, Districts, leagues, and local hockey programs have at least two responsible adults (MAHA Background Check form completed) present directly monitoring the locker room during all team events to assure that only participants, (coaches and players), approved team personnel, and family members are permitted in the locker room and to supervise the conduct in the locker room.  Any individual meetings with a minor participant and a coach in a locker room shall require a responsible adult be with the coach.

Further, responsible adults must personally monitor the locker room environment at all times while participants are present and also make sure the locker room is appropriately secured during times when minor participants are on the ice.

What does USA Hockey mean by Zero tolerance?


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NYHA Head Coaching Application

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