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NYHA - Special Request Form


What is the cell phone policy that I'm hearing about?
Starting with the 2010/2011 season, cell phones are not allowed in any locker room.  With most kids having cell phones with cameras, there is a risk of inappropriate photos being taken and possibly being posted on the web.  Hopefully, by keeping the phones out of the locker rooms, this can be avoided. It is suggested that Associations prohibit any device that has a camera in the locker room.  Suggestions - 1) leave cell phones with parents, 2) assign a parent to collect any cell phones that are brought into the rink and hold them until the end of game/practice, 3) get a small bag and collect the cell phones as the players enter the locker room.  The cell phones can be locked in the locker room and returned as players leave the locker room.

What is the skill progression for my son or daughter this season? What things are the coaching staff focusing on? How can I help?

Where can I learn more about the USA Hockey Come Play Youth Hockey initiative?