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USA Hockey's National Team Development Program Offers Free Off-Ice Drills's 20-part video series devoted to off-ice drills that the National Team Development Program uses to keep the skills of players progressing when they aren't on the ice, comes to a close with the 21st and final segment.  Each drill, narrated by NTDP assistant coach Ken Martel, builds on the one prior, and "Balance Board," is the grand finale.  It requires a pair of 2 x 4s, one stacked perpendicularly on the other while the player stickhandles

Training Opportunities For Players

The NYHA has put together a list of training opportunities for players.  More options will be added to the list.

Library Of Articles Available to Players

The NYHA has accumulated a library of articles that may be of interest to players.  Check back often as more articles will be added.

Wash Your Hands!

What is the best technique for washing my hands to avoid getting the flu?

Washing your hands often will help protect you from germs.  CDC recommends that when you wash your hands -- with soap and warm water -- that you wash for 15 to 20 seconds.  When soap and water are not available, alcohol-based disposable hand wipes or gel sanitizers may be used.*  You can find them in most supermarkets and drugstores.  If using gel, rub your hands until the gel is dry.  The gel doesn't need water to work; the alcohol in it kills the germs on your hands.
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Want to improve your stick handling?  Check out these videos from USA Hockey.   USA Hockey

Mouth Guard And Neck Guard Rules

It is the policy of the Novi Youth Hockey Association that every player and goalie, in every division, is required to wear a neck guard (or a throat/neck shield for goalies) and a mouth guard during all practices and all games, whether at the Novi Ice Arena, or any other arena/rink.  Neck guards and mouth guards are to be worn properly during all ice time.  Mouth guards dangling out of the player’s helmet are not acceptable.  Safety for the players and goalies is of the utmost importance.  It is the responsibility of each coach to insure that his/her players have the required equipment prior to all practices and games.  It is the responsibility of each player’s parents/guardians to insure that the required equipment is used correctly during all ice time.  

USA Hockey Mouth Guard Rule 304c

“2009-11 Official Rules Of Ice Hockey”

The penalty after a warning is a ten minute misconduct penalty.

(c) All players, including goalkeepers, in the Pee Wee through Midget (including High School) and in he Girls/Women 12 & under through 19 & under age classifications are required to wear a colored  non-clear) internal mouthpiece that covers all the remaining teeth of one jaw, customarily the upper.

For the first violation of this rule, the team shall be issued a warning. A misconduct penalty for an equipment violation shall be assessed to any player or goalkeeper of that team for a subsequent violation during that game. It is strongly recommended, in all classifications, that all players wear a mouthpiece form fitted by a dentist.