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Ice Schedule

Caution . . . .

The ice schedules posted here are NOT always current.  Teams buy and sell ice, teams swap ice, ice may be re-allocated, etc.  Those changes are not captured on the schedules below.  Teams should use the schedules delivered to them by the NYHA Ice Scheduler as the master starting point.

The ice schedules are posted to assist you in being able to swap your ice or create opportunities with other teams for more shared ice events.  Individuals who choose to use the information posted to count specific team events or complain to the Ice Scheduler/NYHA will not be responded to.  Errors in the schedule will be dealt with as brought to our attention.

Master Ice Schedules

I-275 Mit and Mini-Mite Game Schedule 2017-2018

Locker Room Reservations For Visiting Teams:

Coaches and managers- this is to remind you that when you have a game scheduled at the Novi Ice Arena that you need to let that facility know so that they can reserve a locker room for your opposition.

Teams playing in the I-275 League will not have to do this for their league games. The NYHA will do that for you. But you will need to do it for non-league games.

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