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Rostering Forms

7/31/19: All necessary documents and instructions have been updated for 2019-20

Please note that there are now complete packets available which contain all necessary documents for players, coaches, and managers. You may simply download the rostering packets and distribute those to your players, coaches, and managers.

How To Roster A NYHA Team-

All the forms needed for rostering may be accessed below.  As a reminder, managers are responsible for their team's roster.  Teams cannot play scrimmages or games until they have a completed roster with the MAHA Registrar's stamp affixed. 

These are the forms that are to be used for the 2019-20 season.  No other versions are acceptable.
(Many of the forms now allow for keyboard entry prior to printing out to facilate completion.)

How to Reprint MAHA Background Checks

If you are having problems with your confirmation, ie; No date or Name,

Log back in to Sport Ngin dashboard and reprint your confirmation. If you go to purchased items, then click on order #, then in upper right hand corner you will see print confirmation;


If you have not received your email confirmation that you have passed, you can do same as above and your reprint should have your status if it has been at least 3 days, or you can email or call Sport Ngin support;


Sport Ngin support help:, 888.255.7840 option 3

If you cannot log in or you have forgotten your ID or password or have a statement saying you already have a login ID you can reset your ID or password by emailing to;


Forgot password link:


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