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Head Coach Survey Summary

Head Coach Survey Results 2011-2012

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Head Coach Survey Results 2010-2011

No survey was conducted for the 2010-2011 season.

Head Coach Survey Results 2009-2010

2009-2010 survey results are in and represent another successful year on the whole.

Head Coach Survey Results 2008-2009

As part of the annual NYHA membership survey, members were surveyed about their experience with their head coach and assistant coaches.  In March 2009, 72 percent of our member parents responded to the surveys with an average of 10 responses per team.

Parents were asked to rate the coaches on a variety of topics.  The NYHA Board reviewed the feedback and shared the anonymous results with each coach.  Due to feedback some coaches were asked to meet with the NYHA House Coach Selection/Evaluation Subcommittee.  Some coaches were not asked to return for the upcoming season. 

 The NYHA takes member parent feedback seriously.  It combines this information with the feedback of the Governors, House Directors, and board members in the house coach selection process.