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USA Hockey Coaches On Line Training

This note was sent February 23, 2012. Thanks to all who completed the survey.

Kim Gearns- MAHA D4 Coaching Director                           

Jack Witt- Michigan Coach-In-Chief                                     

Tom Kerr- Michigan Coaching Director                                

Ron DeGregorio- President USA Hockey

Ken Martel- Director American Development Model USA Hockey

Mark Tabrum- Director Coaching Education Program USA Hockey


The Novi Youth Hockey Association (in Michigan) had 155 coaches complete on line classes this season.  We asked each of our coaches to let us know how this training went.  74 coaches took our survey (results attached).  We are providing you the results of this survey in hopes that USA Hockey will refine the modules for future seasons.  We believe that the results are a very accurate reflection of the 155 coaches.

I am aware that work has begun to revise some of the materials and I hope that these survey results can provide specific areas for improvement.  As you read through the comments one of the most prevalent themes is the amount of time required to complete USA Hockey training (both CEP on site classes and the on line modules) and the impact it has on recruiting and more importantly retaining our volunteer coaches.  We look forward to the release of upgraded on line modules.  We encourage the release to be in July.  It is probably no surprise to you that the majority of the completion of the training happened well into the season as opposed to at the beginning.  As a result the principles were applied for half a season.  Feel free to contact us for any additional information or support.


Stacey Cerroni; Coaching Education Director (ACE Director); Novi Youth Hockey Association

Bob DeSpirt; President; Novi Youth Hockey Association