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Ice Swap

Coaches and managers looking to swap, buy, or sell ice can do so using this section of the website.  Please remember that if you do sell or swap ice, you must notify the office at the arena so that locker rooms can be scheduled appropriately.  For the Novi Ice Arena, th contact information is:

non-NYHA Swap Pages

The NYHA recognizes that there may arrise situations when a team may desire to skate and a team is unable to get on the ice after exhausting all sharing attempts within the NYHA and using the NYHA Ice Swap list.  There are non-NYHA sites that list ice for sale.  These are provided here for your convenience without any recommendation.

2017-2018 Ice Swap Policy and Proceedure

If you intend to sell your ice to a non-NYHA party, you must first obtain the permission of the NYHA (email) Ice Scheduling Chair.

If the ice is NOT sold or traded, you must notify NYHA oby posting in the "Available Ice" Comment Stream below the Ice Swap Calendar at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled ice time to notify NYHA that the ice has not been sold and is available to any NYHA team that wants it. Available ice will be given out on a first to reply, first served basis. 

If you do not notify the office/post available ice at least 48 hours in advance and the ice goes unused, then your team will be charged a $25 fine for the first offense and $50 for any subsequent offenses.

If the ice is sold or traded to any non-NYHA party then the NYHA team that sold or traded the ice will be responsible for any fines.

Any unauthorized sale of ice to a non-NYHA party will result in a fine as described above.

Be sure to keep your email records of any ice swap transactions!