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Survey Results

Results Of Member Surveys

At the end of each season, you were asked to provide feedback on the NYHA and your son/daughter's coaching staff.  Below is the aggregate summary of those results.


  • Members strongly agree/agree that the NYHA Board is doing a good job running the Association:  73% (plus 22% neutral)
  • The Novi youth Hockey Association exceeded or met member expectations: 81%
  • From member experience and observations, the NYHA program is better or about the same as other programs: 83%
  • The NYHA cost (registration fee and ice dues) structure (the number of payments and dates payable) exceeded or met member expectations: 85%
  • Members found the product delivered by the NYHA provided good value for the cost: 63% strongly agree/agree with an added 30% neutral
  • Members found the NYHA office exceeded or met expectations: 94%
  • The NYHA office hours and e mail responses times met expectations/member needs: 93%