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S.T.A.R. (Shared Tolerence Appreciation & Respect)

Don't be a dork. Be a STAR


As in years past, we require all parents to sign the 'Parent Code of Conduct.'  Team managers will distribute this document with other player rostering forms.



Additionally, everyone will need to view the S.T.A.R. (Shared Tolerence Appreciation & Respect) video from MAHA (below), which explains how to:

  • Be respectful to coaches, refs, players, parents & other teams
  • Be supportive to all players
  • Show good sportsmanship at all times and
  • Always use appropriate language

Pretty common sense stuff, right? But most of us have probably witnessed some nasty behavior from an irate spectator or maybe an outspoken parent on your team, and just know it shouldn't happen. It can make or break a great game, and even an entire season if not addressed early.

STAR helps to explain how to behave, and why, and what to do when people don't. It's only 9 minutes long so it could easily be worked into your parent meeting. Or if that has already been held, send them the link to watch at home. Please make sure each family has viewed it.

Link to MAHA STAR Website

Additional information about the MAHA STAR program is available at this webiste

Link to MAHA STAR Incident Report

Within 48 hours of an incident, the report at this link MUST be filled out and submitted.

Official MAHA Parent STAR Video:

Hockey Parents Showing Poor Example To Players

Below are some real life examples of parents showing poor behavior in the stands.  We have attempted to locate videos that are as family friendly as possible, but there are plenty of examples of completely unacceptable behavior on YouTube.



You never know who is listening....

Could this be you?

You never know who is taping....

See 0:43 second mark of video.

I know someone that needs to go to the corner...

See about 1:30 second mark of video.

I am sure his son/daughter is proud....

See about 0:20 second mark of video.

Every youth coach has experienced this situation....

MAHA and USA Hockey have specific rules for on ice and bench coaches.  ALL coaches must be rostered, complete required (age appropriate training), and participate in a background check.

She is coaching the next NHL player.....

Maybe not.... The chances of a high school hockey player playing NCAA hockey are somewhere around 1 in 8 or just over 12%. The odds of a player then moving on from the NCAA to the NHL is 1 in 250 or 0.4%.

Not a good example for the kids...

I am sure there was a nice uniformed gentleman waiting for him......

This is youth sports.... right???

Another parent with so much knowledge of the game....... they are not coaching, managing or refing.....  Thanks for the help!  You just got us a bench minor.