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2009 Game Day

2009 Game Day Wrap-up

Highest Action bidders for the following items were:
Holmstrom Jersey - Vipal Sharma
Holmstom Hockey Puck - Vipal Sharma
Lidstrom Jersey - Dave Eastman
Lidstrom Jersey - Mark Berke
Lidstrom Jersey - Bob Karrick
Novi Sport Jacket - Bill Vertes
Winners of the following items were:
Hockey net, sticks and balls - Kendall Gulau
Hockey net, sticks and balls - Lorraine Gower
4 Executive tickets to the Pymouth Whalers - Nick Loewer

2009 Top Cat Award Winner

Last year, the NYHA Board decided to start honoring those who have displayed a history of making significant contributions to the advancement of the Novi Youth Hockey Association.  This year we are honoring Bernie Crowley.

Known as the father of Novi Game Day.  Bernie borrowed an experience from his childhood playing hockey in Peterborough, Ontario and turned it into an annual signature event for NYHA.  Starting from humble beginnings in 2002, Novi Game Day is highly anticipated by players, coaches and families every year – truly unique within the State of Michigan and USA Hockey.  Other ‘Days’ have emerged in other parts of the youth hockey world – NYHA was an original – setting our association apart and enriching the youth hockey experience over the years for thousands of players, coaches and families.

Outside of Bernie’s long-time contributions to NYHA through his work on Novi Game Day, other initiatives such as the ‘Battle Over I-275’ (Mini-Mite Division) and other activities within the Board during our formative years are apparent and enduring. Bernie’s enthusiasm and love of the hockey is obvious in this work with NYHA and its members.

Bernie’s contributions to NYHA and the youth hockey experience within our association will be felt for years to come.  Given these contributions well beyond the norm, I feel Bernie Crowley should be a recipient of the NYHA Volunteerism Award.